High Voltage Training Courses

Jamestech are very proud to have developed our Site-Specific On-Site High Voltage Training Course that we can provide for your employees tailored to your site and your equipment.

Based on the current Queensland Electricity Entity – Procedures for Safe Access to High Voltage Electrical Apparatus March 2010.

Consisting of:

  1. The carrying out of high voltage switching operations involving the operation of site circuit breaking and isolation devices, in substations or in the field, from a given switching schedule and according to enterprise procedures.  It also encompasses the process of; communicating with the Switching Coordinator on site or PTCEW, isolating the electrical equipment and the line or work site, as well as proving that the area is de-energised and earthed, issuing/accepting electrical permits and the returning of the affected circuits to service.
  2. The preparation of a basic switching schedule for interconnected HV.   It includes planning basic outages and taking into account loading of network components. It also includes the provision of an area which is de-energised and earthed.

This training meets and exceeds the expectations of:

Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Regulation 2001

93 Training –

(1)    The site senior executive must ensure each worker at the mine is trained, if necessary, and  periodically assessed, to ensure the worker has adequate—

  1. knowledge and understanding of the processes to be carried out, and the materials and plant to be used, for the worker’s duties at the mine; and
  2. skill to carry out the processes, handle the materials and operate the plant; and
  3. ability to access and understand the procedures and standard work instructions for the worker’s duties.

(2)    The training must be carried out in an appropriate way, including, for example, by formal training courses or informal on-the-job instruction.

(3)    The assessment must be carried out in an appropriate way, including, for example, by examination, test or proof of relevant prior learning.

Don’t be left with a substandard level of  training.

Allow us to ensure you site procedures and training are fully compliant and your people are correctly trained for your equipment.

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Jamestech is proud to priorities Electrical Safety.

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